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Kevin Anibal Cruz, ELDOA IV

Kevin Cruz has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is one of only 100 certified ELDOA trainers in the world. As a personal trainer, he was constantly encountering clients who suffered from back pain due to compression of the joints. Wanting to help his clients overcome their pain, he began studying the ELDOA method created by Dr. Guy Voyer. After applying these precise forms of postural exercise to his own clients, he noticed a vast improvement in their pain and quality of movement. His passion for helping people overcome their physical pain through fitness drove him to start Soma Physical Wellness. 

(713) 377-4206 or kevin@eldoa.io

Group Classes 

Monday & Sundays - 9am 

River Oaks School of dancing 

2621 s Shepherd dr Unit 200 

Houston, Tx 77098