Historical Synopsis & Description of the ELDOA


What Is ELDOA?

The ELDOA are postural exercises (LOADS, the English acronym) that you can perform yourself, with the primary goal being to increase the space within a chosen articulation. As the ELDOA creates space between the joints, one experiences an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of bodily pain, spinal disc rehydration, better muscle tone, improved posture, and a heightened sense of well-being and physical awareness. All of the benefits of ELDOA can be tied to its utilization of fascial tension during the performance of the postures. Fascia is the connective tissue that covers and links every organ, muscle, and bone together within the body. By creating fascial tension,the entire fascia is utilized to encourage the internal structures to self-normalize. The pulling of the fascia helps to normalize the placement of the internal structures, allowing the body to return to its healthy structure. In order to get the most out of the postures performed in ELDOA, one must develop good awareness, or proprioception, of the body. By creating movement that pushes different parts of a joint into different directions, one is able to build their awareness of that area in the body. All postures in ELDOA utilize this action of separation, making repeated performance of the postures an effective way of heightening one’s proprioception. The more this awareness is developed, the better one can perform the postures and derive the most benefits.



Historical Synopsis

Dr. Guy Voyer invented ELDOA after extensive research into the subject of back pain. As he sought the best way to alleviate back pain, he began an intensive study into biomechanics through the lens of tensegrity as taught by Buckminster Fuller. He then approached his study of back pain from view that “all is in link from the tail to the skull”. He found that compression of the vertebrae was often the cause of chronic back pain, as well pain elsewhere in the body. Treating back pain either involved surgery, medication, or exercise. knowing surgery creates trauma in the body, and medication simply treats the symptoms without addressing the root of the issue, Dr. Voyer decided to find the most effective utilization of exercise to address chronic pain. He believed he could use precise exercise to create space between the vertebrae and counteract the compression that caused bodily pain. He opened a gym in his home town of Marseille, France with over 2000 patients. He began testing the ELDOA on these patients, and used x-ray images to see the actual physiological effect ELDOA had on their bodies. His patients experienced not only an improvement in back pain, but also an improvement in pain throughout the body. These results showed him that the ELDOA could solve a myriad of bodily aches and pains. This all went back to the concept that “all is in link from the tailbone to the skull”. Everything in the body, from the nerves, organs, and bones are connected by fascia. When space is created between the vertebrae, fascia throughout the body normalizes, and in turn improves the function of everything it surrounds. Since his discovery, Dr. Voyer has been teaching ELDOA to help thousands of people not only alleviate back pain but improve various bodily functions, improving their quality of life. 


Lower back pain - Lumbar vertebrae 5 and Sacrum - people often suffer from nerve compression

Improved Posture,

Relief of Chronic Pain,

Reduced Joint Inflammation,

Reduce degrees of Scoliosis,

Injury prevention