“Fascia is the link. It is the link between all the structure of the body, making the body a global structure.”
— Guy Voyer D.O.

Happy Clients


I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me!  I feel like I will have a younger, longer life practicing the things I've learned from you! I know you're going to be successful- You put your heart and your passion into your work, and that can only bring great results.

— Andree Broussard

Kevin was my personal fitness trainer for almost a year and I loved every minute. He was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable about proper training techniques. He tailored a training program to fit my physical limitations while always encouraging me to go a step further as I progressed. As a trainer he was focused and always reliable and this will appear in his business side. Kevin has the entrepreneur spirit and ambition. His thoughts and ideas are on target to reach the goals he has set for himself. I look for good things in his future.

— Madeleine lay

 I have been training with Kevin Cruz for the past year, particularly “The ELDOA Method.” I was having severe shoulder pain and I suffer from a bulging disk in my lower back. My orthopedic surgeon referred me to a pain management doctor who suggested that I just get an epidural to numb the back pain. That was not acceptable to me, so I began ELDOA to stretch my fascia to lend the opportunity for fluid to enter the area of the bulging disk to assist in realignment of the spine.  This process has given me great relief to my lower back and I can feel as though my spine is self-correcting. My shoulder pain has completely subsided. Thanks to Kevin and “The ELDOA Method”!

— Sandra Rainwater